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Whole Children, Whole Planet Expo

The Idea:

Whole Children, Whole Planet Expo (WCWP) was conceived in 2004 by author Kathy Arnos while doing a book signing at a mainstream baby expo in Anaheim, California. After walking the show, Arnos quickly concluded that most of the products being offered to families that weekend were either made in China, or foods filled with chemicals, dyes and preservatives. The snow cones had unnatural bright rainbow colors dripping off them - held by kids kicking and screaming as they made their way through the aisles filled with loud overwhleming music. All in all, there were only two natural products in the entire show, and no relevant educational content for families to learn from.

Saddened by what she had witnessed and confused as to why no one had ever put together a more natural experience for people, she decided to create her own vision. So with a passion in her heart and lots of help from her friends, she brought together (under one roof) her 20+ years of experience and knowledge as a writer and holistic practitioner - creating the first WCWP Expo.

The Birth:

WCWP Expo was born in 2006 as the premier natural parenting and family expo to introduce and educate families, professionals and friends about the benefits of natural products (body, personal care, cleaning, household, etc.), holistic medicine (homeopathy, herbs, flower essences), better nutrition, sustainable lifestyle practices and enrichment learning programs.

To date the event has taken place over the course of a five-year span (2006-2010) in Los Angeles as the largest free (after the first year) community Earth Day event. The mission - to inspire attendees of all ages, through engaging hands on experiences and conscious, thought provoking education.

People today are faced with often confusing and conflicting information about how to raise healthy children and live healthy lifestyles. Sifting through the facts for informed decision-making is a crucial part of responsible parenting and conscious living. The free workshops offered at WCWP (conducted by experts, doctors, authors, environmental advocates, teachers, etc.) covered a wide range of hot topics including Natural Solutions for Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Vaccines (Pros and Cons), Attachment Parenting Support, Nutrition, Enrichment Learning Programs, and/or Home Schooling Options, Pregnancy and Fertility, Sustainable Landscape options, Edible Gardens, Gray Water, Water Conservation, Pollution Prevention, plus much more.

Exhibitor's and sponsors delighted attendees with samples of truly healthy foods (with no sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors, non-GMO, etc.), skin care products, household items, etc., introducing people to more responsible lifestyle options.

Currently there are no future dates planned for the WCWP Expo, but rest assured their team is busy brainstorming, and exploring several other community venues and new multi-media options for it's future in "Creating empowered parents, balanced families and a healthier planet for our future!"

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