Whole Children, Whole Planet 2010 Photo Gallery
All Photos are Eco Family News 2010

Rachelle Carson Begley
co-star of Living With Ed,

Powerful with Project Okurase

Kristen Stills (Stephen Stills wife)
with son Oliver and friend Reina

Ki & I Interactive

Rachelle Avalon, Project Green Search
with Kristen Stills making a wish at
Stage Sponsor Gen 7's booth.

Producer Kathy Arnos with
CBS/KCAL-9's Josh Rubenstein

Presenting Stage Sponsor
American Modular Systems/Gen 7's
VP Operations Tony Sarich (rt) and
VP Marketing/Sales Rick Torres (lt)

Attendees staying cool!

Eco Hero Kids Youngest Member

Jaraneh shares wisdom and song
of her native culture

Kids flipped for WCWP

Anna Cummins talks ocean pollution

Sandy Fox, Smokey and Brian Harris

LifeSource Water - One of 2010's
Contributing Stage Sponsors

Rachelle Carson Begley

Napoleon with Me Gusta Tamales

Doctor's Bob Sears, Jay Gordon and Lauren Feder
Vaccine Lecture Moderated by Judy Julin - right

Sexy moms (left) Amy Brenneman, Josie Maran
and Sheinina West - Mom Lounge host
with Sexy Mom Expert Allana Pratt

CBS-2/KCAL-9 Meteorologist Josh Rubinstein
with some of his younger fans

Get To Know (Nature) Contest Winners
with Councilman Tom LaBonge

The Enrichment Village drum circle with Powerful

Eco Hero Kids sing their message

Experts With Solutions - Environmental Hazards
(Left) Robina Suwol, Ava Sadripour,
Mary Cordaro Jennifer Taggart

Ki visits Fabe's

Hooping with Pleasure!

Attendees seeking information

Tamara Henry aka 'Green T' announces
Big MaMa Earth Campaign

Pamela Saterdalen games teacher inspires the kids

Josh Rubenstein and Cindy Click, creator of
Ki & I Interactive performance

Voices for Conscious Parenting in the Mom Lounge

A captivated audience

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid - So Calif Ford Dealers

Tamara Henry and Faery Princess Aeracura

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