Whole Children, Whole Planet 2006 Photo Gallery
All Photos are Eco Family News 2006

Kim Basinger in the
Whole Foods Kitchen

Jamie Lee Curtis spends time
with some of her younger fans

Kathy Arnos and Erin Gray

Charlie Adler shares the stage with
Herb the Vegetarian Dragon

Sandra Tsing Loh (right) with
daughters Susannah and Madeline
and sister Tatjana

Alexandra Jamison, co-star of
Super Size Me was on hand to talk
about childhood obesity

Teens shared their wisdom about
parent teen relationships

A Faery Hunt, Faeries were on hand

A place where Fairies were born

Chic baby wearing fashion shown

Healthy samples were offered
in the Food Court

Jamie Lee Curtis and Expo Creator
Kathy Arnos discuss global issues.

Ed Begley Jr. and Stephen Stills enjoying the day

Stephen, Kristen and Henry Stills cooking up
Henry's Tacos in the Whole Foods Kitchen

Kim Basinger, Ireland Baldwin with
Kathy and Danielle Arnos

Amy Brenneman (Judging Amy) takes notes
while waiting her turn to speak about
children and environmental hazards.

Noah and Traci Wyle share their
thoughts about "What Babies Want".

Jenny McCarthy launched her Indigo Moms website

The Ohmies had the kids moving
with music and simple yoga poses

The Enrichment Village
offered amazing experiences for kids

Glassical Music was performed by
William Zeitler

Stephen, Kristen and Henry Stills
Transportation courtesy of Eco-Limo

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