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Eco Family News

Eco Family News (EFN) is a free e-newsletter, blog and radio show based on the principals of Whole Children, Whole Planet (WCWP) - the first natural parenting and family expo - an event about raising healthy children in a safe, natural, non-toxic, nurturing environment. Our goal at EFN is to introduce and offer families, friends, and professionals a comprehensive reliable resource and overview of products, companies, organizations, sustainable practices and enrichment learning programs that support healthy lifestyles for both children and adults – mind, body and spirit.

Eco Family News is designed for informational purposes only. There are no paid features in our e-news. To be eligible to be featured in EFN, applicants must meet specific-criteria and be in alignment with the EFN and WCWP's philosophy. Unfortunately, with the popularity of today's "Health Conscious" and "Green" movements, there also comes a barrage of products and/or services that are sustainable (or healthful) want-to-be's, and considered to be greenwash or simply misleading. That is why all those featured in EFN have been evaluated by our committee of experts (to the best of their ability), and currently meet our strict criteria. We believe they are truly authentic. For more information about our guidelines and submission process - Click here

While there are no paid advertisements in the featured e-news, we do stay afloat through paid website sponsorships and advertisements, as well as sponsored e-news blasts once and a while (only vetted and approved products/resources are eligible). If you are interested in advertising, or want more information about becoming a sponsor, email us from our contact page.

Since no one is perfect - please be sure to let us know if you have a concern about something you have seen in EFN - your feedback is always welcomed.

We hope you find EFN to be a reliable resource that inspires, educates, and empowers you in your process of making informed decisions, being a conscious consumer, and taking bold actions.

Kathy Arnos

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