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Kathy Arnos has been helping people better understand their bodies in relation to physical and emotional symptoms for over 30 years. She utilizes her investigative reporting skills to help people identify where the problems potentially originate -- whether it be from nutritionally based sources, environmental, stress/trauma, or anatomical.

Arnos is versed in homeopathy, nutrition, herbs, vitamins and flower essences (even spiritual matters), and specializes in working with children and women's issues. If she can't help you, she will most likely be able to give you guidance in finding someone else who might be able to assist you.

Initial gentle healing consultation = $250 (90 minutes)
Phone, office, or skype

Follow up phone calls, or acute situations = $30 (10 minutes)

Kathy Arnos' 30 years experience in the natural health and environmental industries offers many advantages to her clients in the following areas:

Public Relations - Building strong relationships between product/service and the public, as well as building a strong foundation for media relationships/connections through respectful communications

Marketing - Supporting creative channels for product/service awareness and distribution, event and/or advertising assessment (knowing which shows or outlets are in the best interest of your product or service), positive brand messaging (personal story development - sharing your unique story)

Event Production - producing, gift bags, venue assessment, vender relations/vetting, sponsorships, calendar listings

Product/Service Evaluation - packaging, ingredients, productivity, website

Consulting Fees - All independent consulting fees are based on project specifics

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