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What people are saying about The Complete Teething Guide:

"Kathy has a rare gift. She is extremely knowledgeable, a willing teacher and shares this in her book The Complete Teething Guide. What I have learned from her about alternatives to conventional medicine and its use in children, has been immeasurable."

Kim Basinger – actress, mother

"Wow! The Complete Teething Guide is so informative, and quite the wake up call. I wish I had read this book a few months ago before I put the dental sealants on my daughter’s teeth. And the history of fluoride is simply frightening. Thank you for doing all the research and making this book available so parents can make informed decisions." Light & Love.

Erin Gray – actress, author, teacher, mother

"Fascinating reading for parents seeking a fresh approach to those common – yet oh so mysterious – health problems their children face. The Complete Teething Guide's advice is thoughtful, specific and illuminating. Thank you, Kathy!"

Sandra Tsing Loh – writer, mother

"I am so excited about The Complete Teething Guide. Each chapter has something new to offer, I want to give a copy to all my patients. It brings awareness to how things relate to each other that you don’t ordinarily think about – it all makes sense. It is easy reading for a parent and supplies great information. As a mother and dentist, I learned so much."

Parissa Ezzati, D.D.S. – dentist, mother

"I feel The Complete Teething Guide will be a valuable contribution to parent education."

Paul Fleiss, M.D. – pediatrician, father

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