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ISBN: 0-9725783-0-7

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Bach Flowers for Children
Raising Emotionally Healthy Children Without Drugs

by Kathy Arnos

This 45-page booklet introduces parents to the gentle healing properties of the 38 Bach flower remedies, which Dr. Edward Bach discovered and formulated in the 1930's for balancing an emotional state of mind.

Children (and adults) encounter many different forms of stress on a daily basis. Most people in general are sensitive beings who are greatly influenced by their environment and lifes circumstances. Unfortunately, many children tend to be even more sensitive and greatly affected by them. Most of their little minds work overtime trying to process these heightened feelings and emotions.

Bach flower remedies are a natural way of helping to balance these emotions without any toxic side effects. For an observant parent, finding the proper Bach flower remedy can be easy and quite rewarding.

Bach Flowers for Children offers the reader an easy to use format. The book describes each of the 38 flower essences, their healing properties in relation to a specific emotion, and/or physical behavior, and a quick repertory reference guide that gives the reader guidance in finding the most appropriate remedy to use for their situation.

While the book's title suggests specific flower essence benefits for children, the guide also provides insights into their use in caring for people of all ages (1-100) as well as animals.

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